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We hope you have had a wonderful year enjoying all that our attractions had to offer!

Imagine the fun and freedom of unlimited admission to 20+ top attractions across the USA, and the enjoyment of being amongst the first to be part of the country's newest and exciting Membership programs!

If you hold a Membership for another Merlin attraction, such as LEGOLAND® California Resort or SEA LIFE® Aquariums, you can renew and upgrade to a Merlin Annual Pass once your current Membership expires. We will even give you $10 off the price if you renew online, you'll also receive a complimentary guest ticket* to the attraction that you purchased it from!
(Free guest ticket excludes LEGOLAND® Florida)

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(Ages 13+)
(Ages 3-12)

Prices exclude any local taxes which may apply.

How to renew your Annual Pass

  • Renew in person at the attraction where you are currently a member.
  • Online renewals are available here

Local deals may be available. All prices are subject to change.

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