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Frequently Asked Questions

We are confident that you'll find the answer to any questions somewhere on our website, but just in case, we have pulled together a list of FAQ's and answers.

The answers to the common questions below will be your fastest way to get help, but if you still have unanswered questions, visit our contact us page to get in touch.

Annual Pass

Q. What attractions are included in the Merlin Annual Pass?
A. The following USA attractions are included; Madame Tussauds, SEA LIFE® Aquariums, LEGOLAND® Theme Parks, The Dungeons and LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers.
Visit the attraction overview page for more details

Q. Are there any restrictions or excluded periods?
A. You'll be able to use your Merlin Annual Pass to visit the attractions whenever you like, subject to the operating calendars of each attraction.

Q. Do you get any additional benefits with a Merlin Annual Pass?
A. As well as unlimited entry to the attractions, you can sign up to the monthly eNewsletter where you'll find details of special offers, prize draws and event invitations.
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Q. How long is a Merlin Annual Pass valid for?
A. Your Merlin Annual Pass will be valid for 365 days from the date that you collect your pass.

Q. Is the Merlin Annual Pass valid for admission to Merlin attractions elsewhere in the world?
A. Sorry, it's only valid for our attractions in the USA.

However, we do offer pass options that provide entry into our attractions located in Germany, UK, and Australia. Click on the relevant flags at the foot of this page to find out more about them.

Q. Can I pay for a Merlin Annual Pass via monthly installments?
A. No. We do not currently offer a monthly payment plan on the Merlin Annual Pass at all the attractions.

Monthly payments are available at LEGOLAND® California Resort but can only be purchased at the LEGOLAND California Resort ticket booths.

Q. Is there a benefit for buying online?
A. If you buy your Merlin Annual Pass online, not only will it save you time on the day, you’ll also receive a complimentary guest ticket* for your chosen attraction.

Please note the free ticket offer is not available if you purchase your Merlin Annual Pass in person at the attraction, although local deals may be available.

* Free ticket is not available at LEGOLAND Florida or on Merlin Annual Pass Standard at LEGOLAND California. It is available on Merlin Annual Pass Premium.

New Passes

Q. How much do new passes cost?
A. You'll find a breakdown of costs on our pricing page .

Q. Where can I buy a Merlin Annual Pass?
A. All 30+ Merlin US attractions sell the Merlin Annual Pass locally.

  • Buy in person at your nearest attraction
  • Buy online - save time and get a free ticket to bring one of your friends or family.

Q. Can someone else use my Merlin Annual Pass if I am unable to go?
A. Merlin Annual Pass can only be used by one person. The name and photograph of the Passholder appears on the Merlin Annual Pass.

We've got to be really strict here - pass use by anyone other than the named and photographed Pass Member, regardless of reason, will result in permanent confiscation without compensation.
View the full terms and conditions of use


Q. My pass is about to expire, how do I renew?
A. You can renew your Annual Pass any time up until 8 weeks after its expiration.
See our renewals page for prices and how it works

Q. I have an old Merlin Membership which is about to expire, can I renew into a Merlin Annual Pass?
A. Yes, we are pleased to welcome previous members to the Merlin Annual Pass. You will be able to take advantage of the Merlin Annual Pass renewal prices too.
See our renewals page for prices and how it works

Other Questions

Q. What do I do if I have lost my Merlin Annual Pass, or if it gets stolen?
A. First of all, don't panic. All you need to do is visit your issuing attraction. The admissions team will look you up on the system and print you off a new card. Please note that an administration fee of $20 applies for each card reprinted. You will need to bring with you a form of photographic ID. Please note the fee still applies if your pass has been stolen.

If you are unable to visit the issuing attraction, visit the contact us section on this website and we'll help as quickly as possible.

Q. I don't seem to be receiving my eNewsletter, what should I do?
A. Firstly, don't worry as all our eNewsletters are posted to our Facebook wall (and you don't need to be a member of Facebook to read them). However, there could be for a number of reasons why you are not receiving the eNewsletter:

  • You may find that the email is getting delivered into your bulk, or junk mail folder so please take a look there first. If this is the case, please add our email address to your favorites or approved list to ensure that this doesn't happen again - here are instructions for most email programs.
  • We may not have your email address correct, or we may not have it at all. To rectify this, simply sign up to the eNewsletter again
  • You may have unsubscribed accidentally. Simply sign up again to begin receiving eNewsletters.

If you do not receive an eNewsletter within one month of trying the above methods, feel free to get in touch with us by visiting the contact us section on this website.

Q. I have a complaint or compliment, who can I contact?
A. Of course, we love feedback as it helps us to understand what you like and do not like. If your comments are regarding a specific attraction then its best to contact them directly. However, if you want to talk to us about your Merlin Annual Pass, you'll find full details on the contact us page of this website.

Buying your Passes...

Save time and buy online - plus you'll also get a FREE ticket to the attraction you purchased it from for a friend to visit with you (excludes LEGOLAND Florida Merlin Annual Pass and LEGOLAND California Standard Merlin Annual Pass).

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